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Sustainable design for buildings offers the largest single potential for global energy efficiency. Buildings are the major source of demand for energy and materials that produce by-product green house gas. Studies show that the building sector accounts for over 40% of the worlds energy requirements.


Owner David Fontenot has long been a proponent of sustainable design and construction.  He holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering from Georgia Tech University, is a licensed Professional Engineer in CA and GA, and practiced environmental consulting engineering for several years prior to founding Fontenot Contracting.  His varied professional background provides a basis for a practical approach to helping you with your green projects.

Fontenot Contracting specializes primarily in renovations of older homes, remodeling, and additions. We have long focused on improving efficiency when renovating homes. Using our environmental, building, and engineering expertise, we help our customers create homes that are healthy and comfortable, meet the highest standards of efficiency, and create value for their owners over time.

Measuring how "green" a building is remains an inexact science. However, there are a few rating systems in place that use complex point systems to evaluate buildings on a number of criteria and award certifications to buildings based on their score. The U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership In Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) rating system is the benchmark for evaluating green buildings. Buildings are rated in five categories (sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor environmental quality) and receive a composite score that determines their certification. For more information on LEED Certification, please see our Green 101 document

When renovating an older existing home there are often many constraints as to how green design can cost-effectively be applied to your project, and how a LEED rating would apply. If one of your primary goals is to achieve LEED certification FCC recommends working with a LEED certified design professional in planning your project.

Please see our listing of services to see how Fontenot Contracting can assist you in making your home more energy efficient.