Auburndale Historic District Commission Commendation
August 8, 2006

Fontenot Contracting received the following commendation letter from the Auburndale Historic District Commission.

City of Newton, Massachusetts
Micheal J. Kruse, Director
Telephone (617)-796-1120
Telefax (617) 796-1086

August 8, 2006

Dave Fontenot
Doug McGregor
Fontenot Contracting
187 Gibbs Street
Newton, MA 02459

Dear Mr. Fontenot,

On behalf of the Auburndale Historic District Commission, I would like to commend you on your incredible restoration of the ca. 1880's Queen Anne style house located at 357 Central Street. The Commission recognizes the vast amount of work and attention to detail which has gone into transforming the formerly dilapidated building and overgrown site into the visually stunning addition to the neighborhood that it is today. Your work on the property has restored a valuable architectural resource and is a credit to the Auburndale Historic District in which it stands.


Italo Visco, Chairman
Auburndale Historic District Commission

Auburndale Historic District Commission - 1000 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton, Massachusetts 02459